Singapore is a tiny country, an island, once part of Malaysia. With a Muslim population of less than half a million, one may be excused for thinking that this tiny city-state does not have a thriving number of ulama.

The facts state otherwise. Allah s.w.t has blessed the Muslims in Singapore with a relatively significant number of ulama and awliya’, including those who were either born in Singapore, or who have made their contributions here.

Listed on the left are some of these ulama, religious teachers and awliya’. This is not a comprehensive list, nor do their biographies give justice to their selfless contributions to Islam. Some of them are without any short intro for the simple fact that I do not have any information on them other than their names. Thus, I welcome any additional information, corrections and suggestions from the readers of this website.

Insya Allah, together we will be able to preserve their memories and describe their contributions for future generations to appreciate.

There has been no dearth of ulama in Singapore. And with these words, I welcome you to read of the lives of these jewels of Singapore’s colourful Islamic history.


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