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Umar bin Abdullah Bagharib

(July 1883 – 24/6/1968) 84 years of age Umar bin Abdullah bin Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Umar bin Abdullah Bagharib was born in Tarim, Hadramaut, in Ramadan 1300 AH. This is according to Habib Muhammad bin Salim Al-Attas. His father was a hafiz Al-Quran and had reportedly performed his haj 35 times by walking from  Full Article…


Mahfuz bin Dahlan

(? – 1966) Kiyahi Mahfuz bin Dahlan was born at Bawean Island, Indonesia. After he finished his early studies at a pondok pasanteren in his villiage, he went to Java Island for higher studies. This was the norm then for Bawean sons. After he completed his higher studies at Java, he went to Singapore. This  Full Article…


Muhammad Fadhlullah Suhaimi

(? – 16 August 1964) Kiyai Muhammad Fadhlullah was the father of Ustaz Taha Suhaimi and Ustaz Kamil Suhaimi. He was born in Singapore and went to Mecca and Al-Azhar University at Cairo to study before the start of World War 1. He returned to Singapore in 1916 and was appointed as the Headmaster for  Full Article…

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Syed Abdullah bin Sheikh bin Muhammad Balfaqih

(1885 – 28/10/1962) 77 years of age Syed Abdullah bin Sheikh bin Muhammad Balfaqih was the second principal of Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah. May Allah bless his soul. (Source: Webmaster)


Syed Abu Bakar bin Taha Alsagoff

(1882 – 22/01/1956) 92 years of age A well-known Islamic educator in Singapore, Syed Abu Bakar bin Taha Alsagoff hailed from Hadramaut, Yemen. He received his early education in his birth town, Seiyun. Later, he went to Mecca to further his studies at the feet of some of the most prominent ulama at that time.  Full Article…