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Muhammad Abdul Aleem Siddique

(3/04/1892 – 22/08/1954) 62 years of age It was in the blessed month of Ramadan that the world welcomed the blessed soul and the physical being of Moulana Shah Muhammad Abdul Aleem Siddique Al-Qaderi, on 3 April 1892 (15 Ramadan 1310) at Meerut, India. He was raised in a family that was pious and devout.  Full Article…


Abdullah bin Idrus Baroom Al-‘Alawi

(? – 19/02/1940) Habib Abdullah bin Idrus BaRum BaAlawi was one of Singapore’s great wali who’s barakah was enjoyed even by non-Muslims here during his life. He was popularly called Habib Brum. It was said that whichever shop he entered into would have its business prosper. Among them, the three famous murtabak stalls along North  Full Article…


Noh bin Muhammad Al-Habshee

(1788 – 27/07/1866) 78 years of age Habib Noh bin Muhammad Al-Habshee came from Kedah, Malaysia. Not much was known about his early life, though he came from a family of four brothers: Habib Noh, Habib Ariffin and Habib Zain (both of whom died in Penang) and the youngest – Habib Salikin – who died  Full Article…