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Ahmad bin Ibrahim

(15/5/1916 – 17/4/1999) 82 years of age Professor Tan Sri Datuk Ahmad bin Mohamed Ibrahim was born on Monday, 15 May 1916 (12 Rejab 1334) in Singapore. He received his early education at Victoria Bridge School, Singapore and continued his secondary education at Raffles Institution Singapore. Later he studied at Raffles College, Singapore for the  Full Article…


Muhammad Taha bin Fadhlullah Suhaimi

(27/7/1916 – 8/6/1999) 82 years of age Ustaz Muhammad Taha was born Thursday, 27 July 1916 (26 Ramadan 1334). He received his early education from Raffles Institution in Singapore and later from Al-Attas Islamic College in Johor, Malaysia. After graduating from the College, he pursued his studies at Al-Azhar University, Egypt. Back in Singapore, he  Full Article…


Syed Abdullah bin Hasan Assyatrie

(1910 – 2/11/1999) 89 years of age Al-Habib Syed Abdullah bin Hasan bin Husin bin Abdullah Assyatrie was born in the town of Dammun in Hadramawt, Yemen, in 1910 CE (1328 AH). His mother was the daughter of al-Habib Hasan bin Ahmad bin Husin bin Abdullah al-Idrus. He was taught by his parents from the  Full Article…