Abdullah bin Idrus Baroom Al-‘Alawi

(? – 19/02/1940)

image001Habib Abdullah bin Idrus BaRum BaAlawi was one of Singapore’s great wali who’s barakah was enjoyed even by non-Muslims here during his life. He was popularly called Habib Brum.

It was said that whichever shop he entered into would have its business prosper.

Among them, the three famous murtabak stalls along North Bridge Road, ie, Victory, Singapore, and ZamZam Restaurants. He would also during tea-time, visit Haroon bin Ali shop which sells the famous Teh Cap Pokok Klapa in Haji Lane, for his cuppa.

The owner of a well-known shop Uttamram along Arab Street, a Hindu, was told to buy a hilly land in Chai Chee where an Arab wali was buried, and not to sell it. This place was known as Bismilah Wali after the Indian Muslim caretaker’s name then.

After the shop owner bought this hill, his business prospered until he became very wealthy.

The area has since been donated to SATA and its SATA-Uttamram building stands there till today. The maqam has already been exhumed.

May Allah bless his soul.

(Source: Suryadi S Selamat from Abdul Razak bin Shibli bin Haroon bin Ali of Teh Cap Pokok Klapa who is a long time resident of Haji Lane)


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