Mohammad bin Salim al-Attas

(? – 26/4/1976)

image001Habib Muhammad bin Salim bin Ahmad bin Hasan al-Attas was the founder and the first imam for Masjid Ba-Alawi at Lewis Road, Bukit Timah. The mosque was built on a piece of waqaf land owned by Syaikh Abu Bakar bin Muhammad al-Shibli, a rich Arab in Singapore who owned many lands and rented houses.

In the book “Umar bin Abd al-Rahman 2” (Syed Hasan bin Muhammad Al-Attas, 1996, ms 85), it was said that Syaikh Abu Bakar al-Shibli was initially reluctant to give a piece of land to Habib Muhammad for a mosque.

Habib Muhammad then reminded Syaikh Abu Bakar that both of them would return to Allah. Habib Muhammad continued by saying that when Allah asked him later what he did on Earth, he would answer by saying that he wanted to build a mosque on a piece of land owned by Syaikh Abu Bakar, but Syaikh Abu Bakar did not want to give it.

“Now I want to hear what Syaikh Abu Bakar will answer in front of Allah,” said Habib Muhammad.

Syaikh Abu Bakar cried when he heard the question. He then agreed to give all his land to Habib Muhammad. Habib Muhammad told him that he did want all, but just one piece of land, and even that he would pay for.

Syaikh Abu Bakr al-Shibli gave that piece of land to Habib Muhammad without taking any payments.

Masjid Ba–Alawi was officially opened by Habib Ali bin Abd al-Rahman al-Habashi on Tuesday, 19 Zulhijjah 1327 (9 September 1952), after Asar.

Habib Mohammad Al-Attas passed way on 26 April 1976. His wife survived him for 44 years, until her demise on 19 May 2010. Their son, Habib Hassan bin Mohammad Al-Attas took over Habib Mohammad’s position as imam at Masjid Ba-Alawi until now.

May Allah bless his soul.

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