Kassim Adnan

(1922 – 12/12/2011)

89 years of age

Kiayi Kassim Adnan was a well known religious figure in Singapore, especially among the local Bawean community. He served as advisor to the committee that was tasked to build the Al-Iman Mosque at Bukit Panjang. Going beyond his duty as an advisor, he collected donations for the mosque and was the main donor for its Mihrab. He also contributed when the Mosque installed new carpets.

Kiyai Kassim was born at Bawean Island, Indonesia. His birth name was Sohoi Karim. Although he left the island and migrated to Singapore, he never forget his roots. The island benefited a lot from his donations and contributions. Several mosques were erected from his donations, in particular the Sa’adatuddarain Mosque at Sangkapura town. When the news of his demise reached the island, sadness descended on it.

Kiayi Kassim passed away on 12th of December 2011 and left behind a wife and ten children.

May Allah bless his soul.

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