Abdull Salam bin Mohd Sultan

(16/09/1946 – 7/04/2012)

65 years of age

Ustaz Abdull Salam bin Mohd Sultan was an activist at Muhammadiyah Association Singapore for about 40 years. He served as its second Vice President for half of that period.

Ustaz Abdull Salam was born in 16 September 1946 in Singapore. He received his early education at Siglap Primary School until Primary 6, and at Siglap Secondary School until Secondary 5 in 1963. His religious study started in 1973 when he enrolled at the Kuliyah Mualimin Pondok Modern Guntor, Indonesia, and graduated four years later in 1977. Two years after that, in 1979, he pursued his university studies at University Imam Mohd Ibnu Saud, Saudi Arabia. He obtained his Bachelor degree in Usuluddin in 1983.

Besides being an activist at Muhammadiyah, he was also a teacher and once hold a post at Madrasah Al-Arabiah. He was also active in bringing pilgrims to Mecca and Medinah.

He passed away on 7th of April 2012 and left behind a wife, four children and 2 grandchildren.

May Allah bless his soul.

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